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This calculator counts how many clicks you need to hatch Eggs with a certain amount of EXP. This is calculated based on what boosts are active. Tick/untick the checkboxes according to what you have.

Hypermode: If you're in Hypermode, a 40% EXP boost applies. [Wiki]

V~: If today's V-Wave Type matches that of your Egg/Pokémon, a 50% EXP boost applies. [Wiki]

PKRS: If you're the PokéRus host, you get twice the EXP boost. [Wiki]

Wiki Editor / Helping Hand: Users with the Wiki Editor/Helping Hand rank get a 10% EXP bonus. [Wiki]

Birthday: You get twice the EXP on your birthday!

Fossil: There's a Fossil Pokémon in your party. This boosts Eggs of the same Pokémon with twice the EXP.

Niet's Counter: A normal day gives x1 EXP. Change this number when Niet's Counter is active. [Wiki]

Party Bonus: Your Eggs get bonus EXP depending on how many Pokémon of the same evolution line you have in your Party. [Minor Updates, 11/May/2015]

Badge Level: Select the Badge Level applied to your Egg's Type. For dual-Type Eggs, select the highest of the two. [Wiki]


Determine how many Medium and/or Large Gems you can make without converting your Gems before-hand. No more headache and confusion!


Calculates how many parties you have to hatch in order to gain a specific amount of gems.

Wanted Gems: Amount of gems you're aiming for.

Ravyne Counter: A normal day gives x1 gem per hatched egg. Change this number when the Ravyne Counter is active.

Party Eggs: Amount of eggs in a party when hatching for gems.


Work in Progress!

Calculate how many Gems, evolutions and items you need in total.

Gem Type: Select a Type and the calculator will try to see which Pokémon you can hatch and/or evolve for that specific Type. Make sure to tick the checkbox next to "Show Eggs" and/or "Show Evolutions".

Gems in Inventory: Fill in how many Gems you already have and it will be taken into account.

RTE Evolutions: Fill in how many evolutions you have ready and/or already evolved and it will be noted.

Current Badge Level: Pretty straight-forward. You can see your current level in the Wishforge or under your Trainer Card.

Goal Badge Level: The level you would like to have.


If you have trouble getting a specific Unown, this calculator might come in handy! The first part lets you select the parents and see what resulting Egg will be bred. The second part lets you determine what the child should be, and the calculator will look up its corresponding parent letters.


Parent + Parent = Child
+ =
Child = Parent + Parent